Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Gift With Glass

OK, for Father's Day, I made gifts for the 2 most important Dads in my life, MY DAD & My Children's Dad(Hubby) I went to my local Dollar Tree store, and bought 2 plain glass Beer mugs. Opps, I somehow deleted the picture of the plain mugs....

Using my Cricut, I cut the words #1 DAD & #1 PopPop out of a sheet of black Vinyl... Carefully placed the stencils on the mugs... Don't forget to put on the tiny pieces cut out of the center fo the letters! I also used blue painter's tape to tape off a bit of area around the stencil incase i got messy. I then used one of the hundreds of paint brushes laying around my house to apply a nice liberal coat of Etching Cream. I use Armour Etch. the instructions say let sit 15 minutes, from personal experience i know 25-30 is better, this time I let it sit for an hour.

Then Run it under cool water and get all the cream off. Peel off the stencil and tape. Give the Mug a good wash. Let Dry, Wrap and present your gift...

Don't forget, fill with your (or dad's) favorite beverage, and ENJOY!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starting Fresh

Well. we had a problem with a hacker... SHE got into everything, deleted the entire account that the blog was linked to, so everything vanished. We had no way to retrieve the old blog, so we started fresh. Wich was probably a better idea in the long run... So we are starting off fresh New blog, New ideas.... PLEASE feel free to share your ideas through the group. Please we want this group to be used to help sshare Etsy tips, and scrappy tips.... We want to be able to help one another succeed!

Sincerly, Melia & Crystal